ESPE 2023

June 15-17, 2023 | Belgrade, Serbia


The 36th Annual Conference of the European Society for Population Economics (ESPE) will take place on June 15-17, 2023, and it will be hosted by the Institute of Economics Sciences (IES) in Belgrade, Serbia.

The conference will be held at
Institute of Economics Sciences, Zmaj Jovina 12, Belgrade and
Faculty of Philosophy, 
Čika-Ljubina 18-20, Belgrade.

The aim of the Conference is to facilitate the exchange of research ideas and results across a range of fields, including the economics of the household, labour economics, public economics, demography, and health economics.

Emilia Del Bono (University of Essex) will serve as the program chair and Lara Lebedinski (Institute of Economic Sciences, Serbia and University of Vienna, Austria) as coordinator of the local organizing team. The keynote speakers will be Stefania Albanesi (University of Pittsburgh) and Martha J. Bailey (UCLA).

The presidential address will be given by  Libertad González (Pompeu Fabra University).

* The programme might be subject to some changes due to cancellations.
Please check the program again shortly before the conference.

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